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Q How to enroll for the premium/ paid courses of Aim MDS
A For payment for test series and correspondence course:
Please transfer/deposit the amount mentioned above to ICICI bank ( Branch Dispensary Road Cantonment City – Bangalore. IFSC code: ICIC0006252 account number
625205016944. IFSC Code ICIC0006252
After the transfer please confirm the same by sending an email to or by calling to mobile number:
09945106051On reception of the amount your aimmds account will be converted to a paid account.
In case you deposit the amount by going to ICICI bank your account will be activated almost immediately.
In case you transfer money to our ICICI bank account from some other bank account it takes two days before we receive the amount so there will be delay of 2 days.
Q Does registration on aimmds exam website requires payment?
A Aim MDS Provides both free and premium series to the MDS aspirants, so registration does not require any payment. If you wish to join as a paid member and already have a free account with us, our tech team will help converting the same account to premium account.
Q The course “Aim MDS xyz” started 2 weeks back, am i late to enroll now? do i miss these papers?
A The online test papers of Aim MDS test series do not expire and they remain in your account once they are online , so even if you join late you can appear these papers and your rank will get appended with the existing rank list allowing you to evaluate yourself.
Q I have missed attending “xyz” Online virtual class, how do I see it ?
A All the Live Online Virtual classes are recorded, and the recordings are avilable in you Aim MDS account for whole year for future reference , these recordings can be viewed umlimited times.
Q I have joined an online “xyz” test series of AIm MDS, now¬† I want to enroll in Virtual classroom , how to go about it?
A Aim MDS allows upgradation to any of the courses of higher cost,by paying the fees difference, without any extra processing charges. Contact 9945106051 or email to , you will be guided through the process.
Note: Downgradation or fee refund will not be possible.

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