Mar 26

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 A dream begins with a teacher who believes in you-tugs, pushes & leads you to the next plateau“-  Dan Rather


Hi to all MDS aspirants,

           I am Dr. Aruna  Nautiyal, doing my post-graduation in Periodontology ,JSS Dental college and Hospital ,Mysore….A few years ago ,these words merely used to be a part of my dreams…and now, thankfully they are for real!! 🙂 You would already have got ample tips on how & which books to read for exams, so i will skip that part, because that much information everyone shares and knows. What I want to share with you is something all of us have in us but need to realize & rediscover!!!

goodtimesKeep your optimism up:

Although I totally wish you get through in your very first attempt, if not, don’t loose hope, there’s always light at the end of every tunnel.. I did not get through in my first attempt .. Yes i did take, quite a few attempts before hitting the target, but i gave my 100% in each attempt and treated each new attempt with complete optimism. I believe there’s nothing wrong in pursuing what you want, no matter how long it takes, but an unwavering determination is a Must. I just want to say that if i could crack entrance along with raising a kid, trust me, — so can you. Nothing is impossible.

All those, out there, fetching seats are, in no way different than you, it’s just the belief you have in yourself that makes the difference .“Winners don’t do different things, they do things differently” .The reading material is the same, time dedication would also be almost be the same, what differs is the level of determination. My message goes out especially to all married girls out there ( those with kids too) -the only thing you need is good family support & belief in yourself ..


Difficult times:

tough_times_never_lastNo matter how well your preparation starts, there is bound to be a phase where in you feel totally lost & down. Don’t worry, it’s all but normal. Everyone goes through this, but what is more important is how fast you pull yourself out of this. Always remember, “When the going gets tough, the tough get going“. Derive your strength from God, remember He will see you through no matter what-“Tough times don’t last, tough people do”. I had one firm paper pasted on the mirror above the washbasin which said “I can & I will”. I used to look into it, the first thing every morning (while brushing teeth) and trust me, the day I confirmed my seat and peeled away that paper, it was a feeling i cannot describe. An awesome feeling of triumph, a feeling that i could beat all odds and reach here. Keep talking to people who trust that you can do it, (in my case my family& Swati mam were my biggest support)and try avoiding people who bring down your morale atleast during exams..

Good coaching:

assistanceI consider joining Aim MDS ,as the first & firmest step taken ,working  towards my goal..The broad coverage of all subjects and numerous practice tests helped me get a feel of the exams and reduced the fear of facing the unexpected to a great extent. The meticulous charting of study schedule helped me focus on cracking the entrance exams, utilizing every minute. Of special mention, are the sessions on how to cope up with exam stress and dos and don’ts on the exam day. Just remember one thing, along with a good coaching center(in my case Aim MDS)& support from family, its your hardwork and determination alone that can fetch you what you want..


Lastly but most importantly:

My heart felt gratitude to the entire team of Aim MDS [especially Swati mam & Bhavana mam] for helping me live my dream…With the blessings of the Almighty, guidance by Aim Mds and deligent study success will definitely be yours….


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Aruna Maithani

Aruna Maithani

Dr. Aruna Nautiyal is doing her post-graduation in Periodontology ,JSS Dental college and Hospital ,Mysore. She is mother of two beautiful kids and has delicately balanced her family life with her professional life. She is a great source of inspiration to all those ambitious mothers out there trying to reach their professional goals without compromising the family dreams and responsibilities.

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