Mar 07

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AA Tryptophan



  1. Amino acid containing INDOLE ring — Indole ring is an aromatic heterocyclic organic compound consists if BENZONE ring fused with PYRROLE ring —- do you remeber where else we get Pyrrole ring ??
  2. Precursor  of SEROTONIN  which is  synthesized via tryptophan hydroxylase, SEROTONIN can be then converted to MELATONIN .  (doesnt that sound similar to Melanin ?? … hmmm time to see the difference )
  3. Precursor of NIACIN ( Vitamin B3 )
  4. Hartnup’s disease is a hereditary nutritional disorder resulting in niacin deficiency ,due to defect is absorption of Tryptophan — symptoms of Hartnup disease ?? Yeah you guessed it right it should be similar to symptoms of Niacin Deficiency — PELLAGRA  😉

now all that been said — what do you think is precursor of Melanin ??

My purpose of this post is to highlight how interesting it may be to link things — try to make connections while you read— connect tryptophan to serotonin– then to melatonin– then to melanin (find our precursor of melanin)— wow ( quite some info)…….

Trytophan — Pyrrole — Pyrrole- to Hb—to Bilirubin — and thats how its becomes easy to remember things… and make them stay longer in brain 🙂


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