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My journey- How I prepared for my Dream Seat in MDS.

Hi guys

I am Anirudh Doing postgraduation in orthodontics in GDC hyderabad ūüėé .I did my BDS from GDC vijayawada Andhra pradesh. Hmm so my journey towards getting MDS seat began after i finished my internship.

As u will be knowing students from AP are not eligible for AIPG , but we can write PGI and AIIMS exams.So my target were these and manipal aswell. I began my preperation on April 15 2011,

my plan was simple

  1. 1. Get adequate study material and guidence
  2. 2. Get NBDE material.
  3. 3. Find a good reading room
  4. 4.And some friends to discuss my doubts

logobStudy material and  Guidance 

I contacted Aim MDS for this. As i could not go to bangalore to attend classes and all, I opted for online exams as well as reading material and question papers via mail. They also provide VIRTUAL CLASSES and online tests at www.aimmds.com ( registration is free on the website).

I got to know abt what books to read And how to read and plan my schedule study material was good and to the point , I also referred text books often in initial days

The books i studied were

  1.  PULSE
  2.  Manisha prabhakar
  3.  Dental bytes
  4.  Dental explore
  5.  Atul soin

I didnt refer Mudit khanna and Amit ashish as i thought they were mainly for AIPG preperation. I also kept some books like Soben peter for community, and shaffers and carranza , neelima malik

In the begining i did only pulse and NBDE,and read text books as i was not confident of attempting the entire paper, and i wanted to make my basic subjects strong.weekend online exams were there to assess my progress.The first exam i wrote online i got 75 out of 200.  It would be tough i thought

In the begining say 2 months i found tough to be on track.i skipped lots of weekend exams.

 But slowly i got on track started writing online exams regularly improvement was little but it was encouraging. I kept the question papers i received in mail and read them, as it was helpful to do revision later on.


i was told by aimmds guys to do NBDE material. Igot these material from Delhi and starded doing them , i was not sure if i would do justice to the amt of money i spent on them. I found the material very usefull it introduced to me too lots of new questions and lot of new concepts .I forgot most of the things at the end though but i got lots of confidence by doing those questions which helped a lot.

study area Finding a good reading room

peace of  mind is required to study i just cant think straight when i study for a long time  alone So i decided to find a descent reading room to study at the beginning i found one soon and and it was good it gave me satisfaction that i am reading well and giving my 100% no matter wt the results

well not only that it gave me friends to discuss my doubts and my fears coz of these i didnt bog down , i continued reading and planning how to study



  1. Start early
  2. Build ur basics
  3. practice NBDE
  4. prepare for AIIMS or PGIorAIPG u can crack others if u  prepare for these


plan ur schedule

  1. In the begining read textbooks and do pulse or dentest
  2. Read one medical and one detal subject daily and practice questions on them.
  3. As u go on like this keep track of ur progress by giving weekend xams. DONT PROCRASTINATE !!
  4. Dont worry abt the scores but try  not to commit the same mistake again and again.
  5. If ur finding any subject difficult go through the basics(text book not the synopsis)
  6. after couple of months target doning 200 to 400 questions daily hmm like grand tests or just simple pulse bits or NBDE questions.
  7. hmm later on try doing some previous questions now like dental explore etc.
  8. and dont forget to time ur self its very important
  9. Also buy dental bytes  in the middle of ur prpn.and start doing papers from it
  10. Prabhakar, Wadhwan,Jitender sharan,Ritu duggal are hand books to read
  11. Test ur self daily by giving small small xams ureself
  12. At the practice previous papers from bytes and from wherever u can find those papers
  13. Now refer only synopsis from pulse or ur notes or Key-notes from ur coaching institutes
  14. Make sure u do at least 400 questions a day .
  15. According to me Reading 8 to 10 hours a day is sufficient if u began early
  16. Enjoy ur weekends with ur frnds and family


Try giving as many exams as you can, no matter if they are genuine or fake.

  1. Hmm i gave AIIMS Nov xam first it gave me confidence
  2. then i went to Gujrat to write Sumandeepvidyapeeth xam(Fake) and felt good after writing xam(got 50th rank)
  3. Then wrote KLE xam(it was just horrible) but i got 39th rank
  4. Then wrote COMED(was ok few silly mistakes) got 140 rank
  5. Then wrote NITTE xam(it was good) got 50th rank
  6. Then wrote manipal(not so good) around 134 marks

¬†After writing ¬†so many xams and getting hmm descent results i attended KLE counselling just before my APPG and secured a seat there(awesome university fees is on higher side though) So i was relaxed while writing APPG and it went good and i got SECOND rank ūüėé (which was a shock lol)

So at end i found that i steadily improved my performance in due course by attempting these many exams and got good results in APPG xam at the end.





About the author

Dr. Anirudh Panchakarla

Dr. Anirudh Panchakarla

Dr. Anirudh is a hard working student who secured ranks in various entrance examinations including 2nd RANK in APPG, 39 in KLE, 140 in COMEDK, 50 in NITTE. He is a friendly person and loves guiding his juniors.

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