Feb 09

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How should I prepare for Manipal entrance ??

Preparing  for Manipal?? Actually there is nothing special for manipal. As far as I know it all depends on how you prepared for AIPG! Just go through the same routine like Dental Pulse, Dentest, Manisha Prabhakar,  Ritu Duggal, and watever you have been studying so far.

                Just take time to revise the parts you are weak at. You have to be good at years, names, numbers, dates in intricate details. For eg ” spa concept introduced by frush and fisher in 1944 “— 😯 if my memory is rite.

                The exam what I gave had 200 questions in 2 hrs that was the difficult part!!  but now I heard that the questions have been reduced, although I am not sure about it. But time management is very important! You can skip through questions and get back to it later!— You can mark a question that you need to review later. Have 1 min for each question so  that you are left with time to go back to the questions which you have not attempted. The  Online exam system has color coding for the questions you answered and the one’s you dint answer, so it’s easy to navigate back to the questions that are left out.  Although, i didn’t have time to review and revise what I marked; so be careful about the answers you mark. But if you get time , you can change your options!

                So dont worry too much, manipal exam is not that hard to crack. Study well, rest is upto God and your instincts. Trust your instincts it helps a lot! Good luck.


Samuel Raj S.
Rank 12 Manipal
Community dentistry

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Dr. Samuel Srinivasan

Dr. Samuel Srinivasan

Dr. Samuel is Post graduate student in Community Dentistry at Manipal University. He secured 12th Rank in Manipal and is eager to help and guide his juniors :).

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