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About Revision series -AIM MDS

With exams nearing MDS aspirants are in a state of turmoil. Those who have been preparing for a year are looking forward to amplify their revisions, cover the backlogs. Those who have been in confusion of MDS Vs something else.. are now even more confused about — ” Should I give it a SHOT !!!”

Many of us have already joined a coaching or have decided not to join one. While Many are now confused, should I join a crash course or I should rather prepare thoroughly next year ?

So in this post of mine I am giving a genuine picture of what Aim MDS revision series has for MDS aspirants. 

1. What is Revision series ?

Revision series has been designed for ” Revision” , It is an amazing resource for those who have been preparing before and look forward a full round of subject wise and mixed subjects revision. All the discussion classes are MCQ based retrospective discussions , where in faculties compile up the MCQs ( which is a combination of those submitted by students in forum and those picked up by faculties from the bank), the related theory of these MCQs is added up for revision and discussion.

2. So are the MCQs from the online test papers are discussed in virtual classes?

No, The discussion classes ( The virtual classes) are conducted before the online test paper. So here is the basic idea of the process…………

Step-1: The students prepare for the Online test paper as per the schedule

Step-2: A day before the test paper , Live online Discussion class is conducted ( the questions are from the same subjects), and related theory is discussed allowing a quick brush through and final orientation. Further , the student see the performance and response of the peer students.. which acts as a adrenaline rush and motivation.

Step-3: Oriented and Motivated by the discussion class, students give a final revision for the test paper a day before the test.

Step-4: Appear the Online test paper– see the results– download the Key with references and explanations — and review their performance.

Step-5: any doubts in the explanations, are posted on forum, and faculties respond to them with sufficient explanation,

Step-6: The questions from forum that need classroom discussion are now compiled up for “DOUBT SOLVING SESSIONS.”


3. Why does Mock exams alternate with subject wise papers?

We believe, At the revision time it is very important to train the brain for random questions,and come out of the habit of ” subject-wise tag” [ as we all know, our entrance exam doesn’t have labels of subject] so students prepare for subject-wise test for half a week , and for the other half of the week , students prepare by reading and revision Old exam papers, NBDE, Medical questions. The discussion process remains the same. This process allows for multiple random revisions through reading the old papers.

4. I have never read for MDS entrance , will revision/ Crash series prepare me for the entrance in three months?

As we all are aware of the fact that MDS entrance is highly competitive examination and preparation process has to be highly organized. Attending revision discussion classes without a prior preparation may not be very beneficial, as our primary focus is revision, faculties do not teach/ basic concepts but rather concentrate more on quick brush through covering wider. So if your concepts are not clear you may find the classes difficult to cope up with.

But when I say concepts I am talking about the core concepts which we have been doing in our BDS days, so if you feel confident about concepts and are ready to put up the  hard work , surely you will be benefited by the revision discussions.

The basic concepts have been thoroughly covered in AIM MDS plus and comprehensive course and recordings are available for review So if you are looking for something that will help you with concepts , you can opt for the recorded classes of AIM MDS plus or comprehensive( where u get both concepts and revision).

If you are confused with course selection of facing with a dilemma of ” Join now or next year” .. request a discussion with faculty.

4. If i start preparing now , is it possible to clear the entrance or I should start preparing , the next year?

Although we understand that preparation for MDS entrance is vast and its always great to start early, but let me still say “NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE” you never know..future may have some pleasant surprise for you. SO rather that giving up without trying, I recommend give a best go and appear the entrance. And even if you couldn’t make it .you lose practically nothing, remember you were anyways trying for next year. But if you make it , you save a valuable year.. so its a win-win bait. So if the idea of MDS is crossing your mind NOW!!! its still not late to start..grab your books,,, gather your energy and give in your best.

5. Does Aim MDS offers any special provision for such late joiners in race?

We understand, while joining late for a coaching program, students are apprehensive about the fact that — ” They may not be able to take full benefit of the course in this short duration of time” .. and yes its a very genuine concern. So at Aim MDS , we offer an extended support facility to the students, if you join late in the course, we boost your to take the race seriously and attempt it at your best. Our faculties design personalized time-table, guide about where to focus in minimum time.. etc… If you clear the e, “ITS AMAZING”  , and unfortunately if you were not able to make it..AT Aim MDS we provide Free Extended support”, and you will be given Online access to the “next years course” to continue your journey. And remember that the preparation of these last months would never go in vain and will be substantial addition to your upcoming year.

6. Can I Prepare for the entrance without joining any course ?

Definitely You can 🙂 , At AIM MDS we provide the resources, concept coverage help, revisions , guidance and motivation, but success is MDS entrance examination is a result of preparation and efforts on student end. So if you have a clear vision of preparation , confidence with your preparation method and concepts,  proper time management attitude , and ability to give a continuous hard work during preparation , definitely you can prepare and clear on your own.

We also offer FREE TEST SERIES, which you can use to evaluate yourself during your self preparation. SO go ahead ..If you thing you can do it. surely you will be able to do it !!


If you need a personal suggestion / guidance from Dr Swati Patel regarding selection of course at AIM MDS, please write with your email and phone no to aimmds@gmail.com


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Dr Swati Pradeep Patel , is MDS (Periodontics) from GDC, Bagalore, a Gold Medalist, currently Pursuing Ph.D at RGUHS. She has secured top ranks in various entrances, including AIPG, COMEDK, MHCET, PGI.
She loves teaching and fortunately could make it a profession. She is Academic adviser and faculty at AIM MDS.

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