Jul 09

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My scores are not sooo good !!!


Prepared for whole week appeared in a test paper .. and………………..

My scores are not so good !!!   🙁

 everybody faces this situation one or many times in the journey of preparation.. dealing with unexpectedly bad performance in the test paper may sometimes be really difficult. This is specially true with subjects like physiology , biochemistry, General Medicine, Pharmacology…. Yes Guys we are talking about some basic subjects , which do not have set boundaries for preparation .. course content spans around the equator, and just appears never ending. 

But let me tell you .. DO NOT . .. get disheartened … this situation is very normal … What do I mean ?? Nooo.. I dont mean you should get  satisfied with whatever marks you scored… what i mean is.. the test paper is not the end of that subject’s preparation,  its just a milestone.

And your score , should give a kick to your “back-reference preparation” of this subject .. A Kick that increases your speed by at least 200%

Pick up the Q-paper and explanations immediately as you see your score.. Have the reference book and keynotes handy…have your sticky’s and colored pens . And just start working out .. especially the questions that you  marked wrong. .., DO NOT JUST SEE .. the right answer or just passively read explanation... but rather Ask yourself , why you did it wrong?? .. was it a confusion.. or total lack of concept knowledge.. was it a fact based information.

  1. If it was a confusion/ lack of concept knowledge, do not just stop at explanation given in the test paper, open ” Recorded classes” or the book ( Note you have to be wise in time imput Vs outcome ) .. for example.. if u are just confused with aldosterone Vs ADH .. refer the precisely related  text in the book .. because your doubt is very precise.. But if you are totally lost in ” endocrine system” and not able to imagine even the gross pic– refer “Recorded class ” and understand the core concept.
  2. If it was a fact based information a value ? a name ? a classification??….. time to put it up on the wall. Use stickys , do not just write this single point , try to fetch the other related facts . 🙂
be thankful to these small little falures on the path , because these hurdles are your training resources, preparing you for a big leap. so use them wise.. react correctly.. make a thorough use of them..
Now at this point I would add one more thing.. Please do not Procrastinate appearing your tests, because as u read my post till now, these tests are not marking the end of the subject , they are a 200% kick for the last important revision lap through the subject.. so use it wisely …
Guys a positive approach , a fighter attitude and your hard work will take you der… so believe that you can do it .. and work towards it ,,. till you do it.. ALL THE BEST

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Dr Swati Pradeep Patel , is MDS (Periodontics) from GDC, Bagalore, a Gold Medalist, currently Pursuing Ph.D at RGUHS. She has secured top ranks in various entrances, including AIPG, COMEDK, MHCET, PGI.
She loves teaching and fortunately could make it a profession. She is Academic adviser and faculty at AIM MDS.

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  1. Dr. Lahari says:

    to all the pg aspirants… hard work is needed but smart work is preferred while preparing for pg. your grades in ug are of no value while preparing for pg. all the back benchers, never loose hope.i have seen so many average students creating wonders in entrance.a lot of will power, persistence, vision to achieve a higher position and an ever lasting smile on the face is the safest and surest way to success… all the best eveyone