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2- 8th July 2012

Batch 1: Aim for week: HI Guys , as we have been discussing physio seems so vast and never ending 🙂 , but we also discussed how to deal with. Hope you are progressing well with Physiology, Do attend the pretest or watch its videos as it will definitely help. In this week we will wind up with Physio part 2 and prostho continues. Prostho portion should not take much time , giving you ample time for physiology.  do all MCQS including from MK / Across and AA. We will do the important concepts recap in pretest of friday 🙂 .. keep going….

Batch 2: Aim for week : Batch 2 should have been dealing with one addition subject ,and this week go ahead with DM, So Cover DM and Prostho simultaneously cover Physio MCQs for upcoming pretest-2 ( Solve Physio questions from AA and MK). do everything in physio thoroughly follow the marking pattern. Note that for protho , just spend an hour after class that should do , so your focus ? Physiology and DM half portion..( if you are able to read full DM that would be good)
Plan for the week is suggestive, our Aims are mentioned in above para’s , you can have your own plan sketched up , but try to chase the Aim …Basically u need to create small AIms.. based on this wide picture, create a sketch plan for the day , then divide it in small bits .. then catch it up..u need to give logical end to things and move on to next .. avoid lingering on one thing for long..


Days Batch 1 Batch 2
  • physio MCQs and Back reference (make stickys where needed)
  • Read MK 50 Questions.
  • DM – Recorded class and MCQs
  • Physio MCQS
  • Class and CLass MCQs ( note finish MCQs of class immidietely after class.. They are not many 🙂
  • DM – Recorded class and MCQs
  • Class and CLass MCQs ( note finish MCQs of class immidietely after class.. They are not many 🙂
  • Physio MCQS
  • Physio from MK and AA
  • DM MCQs
  • remaining DM Chapters
  • Physio Recap
  • class and MCQs
  • Physio MCQs
  • Read MK/AA 50-100 Questions.
  • class and MCQs
  • Physio
  • Recap Class  ( it will give a quick brush up with lots of concept recap)
  • Physio MCQs
  • Recap Class important ( it will give a quick brush up with lots of concept recap)
  • add recap of one old subjects only red marked question
  • Recap Physio keynotes and MCQs
Sunday Appear Physio paper in morning (take a break )
  • Readn Physio till evening
  • Appear Physio paper in evening (take a break )

Batch-1 : Prostho and Physio ( thorough)


Batch 2: Prostho ( with class) , DM and Physio-2 for the test. (50% division to DM and Physio ) — prostho should be managed in sneek-peek time.. Rush up guys,, but dont take stress,, if plan is not working,, change it,, but all that is more important ,make the best use of time.


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Dr Swati Pradeep Patel , is MDS (Periodontics) from GDC, Bagalore, a Gold Medalist, currently Pursuing Ph.D at RGUHS. She has secured top ranks in various entrances, including AIPG, COMEDK, MHCET, PGI.
She loves teaching and fortunately could make it a profession. She is Academic adviser and faculty at AIM MDS.

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