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How I Prepared for MDS entrance_ Dr. Prasad Koli


It was December 2010 when I started my actual preparation of MDS entrance 2012. It was a kind of late starts from me but later I came to know that I started it at a prime time. Before that I collected all the information about various books, examinations, test series etc.The most important thing which I feel is must was talking with AIPG & State rank holders. I was lucky enough to approach many rank holders.

I started preparation at a random basis. I first made myself used to the MCQ books, read subjects randomly up to February 2011.

The Turning Point:

           In March I started with AIM-MDS online virtual classes & that was the turning point to my preparation. It was well planned from the very first day of class.

Coaching : Proper guidance & assistance in preparation is required surely.If we are joining a coaching or test series we need to have a strong trust & faith in it.Don’t forget its the rank holders who are the perfect people who can guide well. But method of preparation should never be copied as a whole….”There’s no ideal method , only individual’s ideal method”. So, just take important points for your preparation & try to match up with your own.

           The sequence of subjects what I felt was right is clinical subjects first & all basic subjects later.Though I managed to cover up few basic subjects like physiology in between which I was sure I will forget most of it.

Regarding books I had Dental Pulse, Gowri Shankar, Bhatia, Prabhakaran. Wadhwan (AIPG papers), Dental Matrix (AIIMS papers), MUDIT KHANNA ( MEDICAL Papers), Dental Bytes, Dental Focus (COMEDK papers), , NBDE (few sets) & last but not the least AIM-MDS key notes which are written by AIPG Rank Holders.

Time Management:

         It was really tough time for me initially to manage time for reading during internship.I remember I was struggling to get time during the lovely days of internship. I missed the lot of memorable moments during internship but I was good enough to control the emotions & utilize that time for entrance preparation.
            Another thing,  I did was I never missed the virtual classes. It is the visual memory which goes to subconscious mind that helps during exams. The weekly tests were good enough to let me know what are my weak & strong points those were supposed to be revised during revision period more.Discussion with my collegue aspirants during virtual classes was an ocean of new information that boosted to read more things. So keep discussing important points, forgettable values & names etc. with your collegues. It will help surely. Keep limits to depth of reading at the same time.
I remember it was August end when I ended with my first reading of all subjects. I had decided to complete one reading of all subjects up to the end of internship & could do the same. I started with the revision immediately after I ended up with up internship & started with the virtual class revision schedule as well. The most important thing during preparation was “REVISION”. Revising a thing lot of times makes you perfect & boosts confidence.

3 D’s :Discipline + Dedication + Determination

Discipline yourself, determine what you want ( I want to be MDS rather I think I should do MDS) & dedicate for a year.
Consistency in preparation is very important.

Reading MCQ Books:

I could read Pulse 5 times, Gauri Shankar 5 times, Bhatia 2 times, Prabhakaran ( Perio & Cariology) once, NBDE few sets once, Wadhwan & Dental Matrix 6 to 7 times, Mudit Khanna 2 to 3 times, Dental bytes 3 to 4 times, Dental Focus 6 to 7 times.
I followed this way : Dental Pulse first reading with explanations, Gowri Shankar just MCQs.In 2nd reading Gowri Shankar first with explanations & Pulse later just MCQs. Remember marking system of MCQs is very good way to minimize your time in each next reading.
But whatever we read it’s the revision which plays a great role to remember those things.

Recap: Revising at a glance.

Immediate Recap: Revise immediately after 20 MCQ’s or so whether you can remember about it.
Delayed Recap: Revisie after u finish all the MCQ’s.

Marking MCQs:
Red : MCQs which are totally new & felt tough, answered wrong or are controversial. Refer textbook for these. RED marked are to be revised till end.
Yellow : MCQs which are made wrong again in next reading, just guessed right or in a 50- 50 situation for which we need to read a bit
Green: easy ones, straight forward & got right in first read.These we can skip in subsequent reading.


Being a fresher I could not read more of MCQ’s during internship. I could read about 100 to 150 MCQ’ a day till the end of internship. But I could do about 300 to 400 on weekends that stabilized the speed in a way.
Try to finish up one subject in a week. I read Pulse & Gowri Shankar, Wadhwan & Dental Matrix ( subjectwise) in a week once. I kept Bhatia standby for next reading.If you are reading Bhatia don’t keep lingering in it. Finish it at a faster pace.
(Key notes to be covered during or after virtual classes)
I never thought of second attempt so speed was maintained automatically!!!

Refering the Standard Textbooks:

Refer all standard textbook wherever you feel you want to read. To be honest I did not go in much detail. I used to read lines below the diagrams, important charts & values & definitions.Since I was a fresher I had decided not to go in much depth of reading textbooks.
From the very first day of preparation I maintained a book which contained all names, values, years, DAYs ( eg. World Health Day), & class revision notes. This book is the mainstay when we travel during exams as it contains very important & forgettable points.We just need to go through it again & again before the exams.

Stickys and charts:

Stickys I made of all those things which I could not remember. While going here & there in home we can read those. Almost all the walls I kept sticking them till the end.

Pharmac charts are the ones which I feel are must in a studyroom. Though other subjects we can make too eg. Radiographic features which I kept forgetting. (Remember every thing which we forget must go on the wall)All the classifications, ADR, dosages etc. to be mentioned on the charts. Pulse will help to make pharmac charts.


Meditation too helped me a lot to keep myself calm & cool during the whole year. Remember there are ups & downs in preparation when we come to a stage that we feel to end up all things & think of clinical practice but here our determination & dedication comes to play not to distract from the goal.
Have faith in yourself & trust your brain.

Revising papers:

Revising of all exam papers before we go to those exams is good to have confidence in appearing it. Before AIPG we should be ready with revising all AIPG & AIIMS medical & dental papers. After AIPG our main aim should be COMEDK & state entrance as seats are more in COMEDK.
Finishing the Preparation:
Yes I agree that reading for entrance exams is never ending process. But if you can end preparation in a proper way you are on a right track to get your aim. Estimate the time for each book & how many times you want to read it. Just don’t keep things lingering halfway before you go to exams.


Attempt all the exams. AIIMS Nov, PGI, AIPG, AMUPMDC, KLE, MANIPAL, AB Shetty, COMEDK, State CET, Deemed Universities exams.
People will say don’t attempt deemed universities exams as they are managed but remember not all seats are managed. We always hold a chance to get a seat in each exam. If many others can then why we can’t?

Why I could not crack AIPG?
1.I started my proper preparation late. We need to start it from the very first day of internship. I wasted about 3 to 4 months initially. AIPG can surely be cracked in the first attempt. People say it’s a game of repeaters. But we can surely do it.
2. Started Mudit Khanna after June.
3. Could not revise medical AIPGME & AIIMS papers more.
4. Could not read NBDE all sets.
(All these things would be managed if I would have started preparation 3 to 4 months sooner.)

But I am really happy , that I could crack the entrance in first attempt  🙂 & thanx to AIMMDS for their consistent support for more than a year….

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