May 13

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May 12-19th 2012

Batch 1: Aim for week: MCQ coverage related to classes and Preparation for Microbiology-1 (theory recordings and MCQs from Pulse and GS) while reading  marking system as described in PLANNER. should be  followed. we also have to add up Mudit khanna  Micro MCQs from latest 5  papers [ around 100 questions– not really many.. so take it easy 🙂 ], Also we will start adding NBDE sets, (micro-path- at least 3 of them)

Batch 2: Aim for week : MCQ coverage related to classes and Preparation for Microbiology-1 ( we have been on this since last week , so here we have the room) – Start one backlog subject and if u have already done it start revising it, we are adding Oral Path – part 1–refer Click Here for portions of part1  , Read the KEYNOTES and complete the Related MCQs from Dental Pulse and Dentest.       

Plan for the week is suggestive, our Aims are mentioned in above para’s , you can have your own plan sketched up , but try to chase the Aim …Basically u need to create small AIms.. based on this wide picture, create a sketch plan for the day , then divide it in small bits .. then catch it up..u need to give logical end to things and move on to next .. avoid lingering on one thing for long..


Days Batch 1 Batch 2
  • Microbiology Part 1 MCQS
  • Mudit Khanna Micro Questions

(Back refer textbook, keynotes for concept based doubts if any , make a lot of sticky’s ..DONT BE LAZY… 😎

  • Oral Path Keynotes Developmental disorders of oral and para-oral structures. Benign and malignant tumors. and all related MCQs from Pulse and GS, make stickys , highlight keynotes . follow marking pattern
  • Dental Histology , all questions
  • Read keynotes of DA before class
  • Class (DH and DA)
  • Dental Histology , all questions
  • Read keynotes of DA before class
  • Class (DH and DA)
  • DADH -class portion MCQs
  • Microbiology- continue MCQs (watch recordings Micro-chapter2-infections and immunity )
  • 2 sets NBDE micro-path MCQs , immunology
  • DADH -class portion MCQs
  • Oral Path :Tumors of salivary glands, Odontogenic cysts and tumors (Keynotes and MCQs)
  •  DA class and MCQs
  • DA class and MCQs
  •  Microbiology – MCQs
  • Mudit Khanna -Micro
  • Oral Path -Diseases of skin and Diseases of bones and joint. (MCQs and keynotes)
  • Do 1-2 sets of NBDE
  • cover Micro from any other book .. eg Bhatia
  • Any remaining Micro-1 from last week  OR revise Micro-1
 Sunday Appear Micro-1 paper (take a break ) Appear Micro-1 paper (take a break )

Batch-1 : An easy week to catch-up but point here is Micro is a very vast subject and nothing is out of our syllabus, cover everything from medical side , be thorough with your concept now itself , DO NOT PROCATINATE.. you will not get a chance to do micro so thoroughly ever again.


Batch 2: Oral Path is our primary target , major portion of Oral path needs to be covered– Micro we have been doing last week , we give it a revise on saturday and appear test on Sunday. – I wouldnt recommend to watch Recording of Oral Path , as its a very familiar fact based subject.. read KEYNOTES and solve MCQs.

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  1. dr.rashmi says:

    good sourabh….keep going.

  2. dr.rashmi says:

    mam m adding few chapters frm anat n few frm o.path here.

    1. dr_swati Swati says:

      Yeah Rashmi.. sounds good

  3. Saina says:

    Mam,i am doing DM also…last week i was not able to do Bhatia of any subject…
    Now doing micro n DADH…
    lot of back log 🙁

    1. dr_swati Swati says:

      Yeah Saina Last week was a bit tough, but this week you can manage reading Bhatia as well for subjects of the week, u also will get a chance to reasonably add the backlog.. All the best