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May 6-12th 2012


Batch 1: Aim for week: MCQ coverage related to classes and Preparation for Recap-1 ( this will not spare batch 1 for any extra coverage this week). In previous coverage (reading) of MCQs of other subjects , marking system as described in PLANNER. should have been followed. So we have the marked questions , this time we read only there from pulse and GS and add Bhatia to every subject.

Batch 2: Aim for week : MCQ coverage related to classes and Preparation for Microbiology-1 (theory recordings and MCQs from Pulse and GS) while reading  marking system as described in PLANNER. should be  followed. we also have to add up Mudit khanna  Micro MCQs from latest 3 papers [ around 60 questions– not really many.. so take it easy 🙂 ]

 Plan for the week is suggestive, our Aims are mentioned in above para’s , you can have your own plan sketched up , but try to chase the Aim


Days Batch 1 Batch 2
  • Oral Pathology (MCQs revision- only marked)-
  • quick keynotes revision (whatever we complete on monday … thats it.

no carry over, so read as if we have exam tomorrow. skip everything that u know,  focus on what u dont know. cover more topics rather than covering every topic thorough.

  • Microbiology Lecture recording 3 hrs (micro 1 and 2 from recorded classes), Related MCQs 2-3 hours
  • General Histology and embryo marked  MCQs  ,
  • attend class dental histology , solve MCQs related to the topics, MCQs should take aprox 2 hours pulse + GS.
  • if u are resorting to recording of the class – then add anat osteo and muscles in todays prep plan instead of class.
  • Microbiology MCQs from Mudit Khanna (20- 30 MCQs. read explanation first , make sticky’s , read as if u will teach it to someone tomorrow, so concise it in your brain)
  • DH class solve MCQs related to the topics,MCQs should take aprox 2 hours pulse + GS.
  • If receptive watch one more recording 31 minutes “Infections”
Wednesday Anatomy MCQs Micro Lecture recording Micro 2 and 3 all topics
  •  Radiology MCQs all
  • Theory class ( Related MCQS)
  • If u watch recording then today we have to start DM MCQs
  • Theory class ( Related MCQS)
  •  MCQs for all previos topics
Friday  DM MCQs MCQs of Micro  continued , add MK 20 more MCQs
Saturday  COmsevative endo MCQs
  • Sterilization recordings and MCQs
  • Start Bacteriology recordings
give a final shot of whatever subject you feel left out .. appear RECAP-1 .. even if u feel you are yet to be prepared. DO NOT PROCASTINATE Cover all Backlog of Micro 1 , continue Bacteriology if time remains

 I know Its the toughest week for Batch 1,  But just give it a best shot  and appear the paper. do not watch recordings this week , stick to MCQs. and give your widest coverage. From next week we have module 2 starting, so to give it a good start we need to appear Recap -1 on time.


Batch 2: You have no room for lag.. give your best .

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Dr Swati Pradeep Patel , is MDS (Periodontics) from GDC, Bagalore, a Gold Medalist, currently Pursuing Ph.D at RGUHS. She has secured top ranks in various entrances, including AIPG, COMEDK, MHCET, PGI.
She loves teaching and fortunately could make it a profession. She is Academic adviser and faculty at AIM MDS.

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  1. dr.rashmi agarwal says:

    nice mam. bt evn i have nt attended anat n oral path( hav attended some 3 to4 classes.wat i shud do mam plz help…

    1. dr_swati Swati says:

      Hi Rashmi .

      As i has left the instruction for Sourabh, similar to the trend.. catch up with by covering these 2 subjects in 1 and a half week.. Oral Path Recordings.. skip this time.. cover all MCQs and Keynotes.. anat watch recording and cover MCQs.. try winding up by wed or thursday ,, then catch up.. If we have a backlog.. we need to cover up rather than procastinating whole schedule… so get set go .. dear .. all the best

      1. dr.rashmi agarwal says:

        k mam will do that

  2. Saina says:

    I havn’t attended anat,histology n some micro classes…
    So wat to do den?
    Last day i started with recordings of histo..
    Please help me with this….

    1. dr_swati Swati says:

      Saina, follow batch 1 , don’t do Micro this week, its not in Batch -1 ‘ plan, cover , anat , histo and those other subjects, Basically prepare for RECAP-1

  3. dr.rashmi agarwal says:

    so much to cover….trying hard 2 finish thm

    1. dr_swati Swati says:

      Keep Going rashmi , dont forget to switch the subject when time is over , dont change exam date give it on wednesday as decided..

  4. dr.rashmi agarwal says:

    wat abt others how its going on…keep updating so we can help each other

  5. dr.rashmi says:

    swati mam i am trying to cover so many things n did also…but sometimes i feel overexuasted….n lead 2 time waste…m lacking behind in 2 vast subjects.o.path i covered 60% n anat me bones,muscles n nerves comleted.still so much is thr mam.plz help.

    1. dr_swati Swati says:

      you are not doing bad.. Its a good prgress and m glad, you are putting efforts, whenever exhausted , take a break, if u find yourself wasting time .. or kind of getting bored..dont go into frustration ,, its normal, just continue this as official break , schedule a reasonable time when u will resume studies .. and till then relax .. do not go into guilt etc etc.. all good till now , follow next weeks schedule ,, and try to squeeze in a bit of backlog in it.