May 03

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Weekly Planner

Hi Guys

I though We should have a weekly planner, although not a strict one but based on upcoming weekly exam and the theory classes, I am planning to put up a tentative weekly planner for you all.

I will divide this planner into two parts 🙂

1) for batch 1 : who joined the course since October-November

2) For Batch-2 : who joined the course after March

ALthough while selecting which plan you will follow rather than simply classifying yourself in Batch 1 or 2 I would recommend to do it on the basis of subject attended..

Basic strategy: 🙂

SO in a week we will cover 2 subjects and 2-3 hours of general reading.

  • Subject 1: theory classes in sync with virtual classes on tuesdays and thursdays
  • Subject 2: Preparing for the Pretest on Friday
  • General Reading: Solving exam paper/ NBDE set/mock paper

So if you are in batch 1 , it is expected that you would have attended classes for subject 2, but if you have not attended clar not watched recordings of subject2 yet , consider yourself in batch 2 and follow the schedule,But If you are in Batch 2 and have already covered the subject ( by watching recording ) and solving MCQ’s , consider yourself in Batch -1 and follow the schedule.

If the schedule is too less for you ,.. Then its great ..go ahead Read more ..solve more MCQs….Its a competition..afterall.

But covering less than schedule, will create stress at the end , so lets try to cope up with it. And if u miss your weekly schedule try to plan and cover it up as early as possible.

So I will be putting up these schedule from This sunday ,… for the next week. 🙂

Your suggestions are welcome in the comments , your question regarding how and when etc.. are welcome in comments as well.



Dr Swati

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Dr Swati Pradeep Patel , is MDS (Periodontics) from GDC, Bagalore, a Gold Medalist, currently Pursuing Ph.D at RGUHS. She has secured top ranks in various entrances, including AIPG, COMEDK, MHCET, PGI.
She loves teaching and fortunately could make it a profession. She is Academic adviser and faculty at AIM MDS.

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